Best Linkedin Automation Software

Best LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tool

Looking for the best LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tool? this tool will help you automate your LinkedIn marketing efforts. it can do Automate Connection Request and Automate messages and more.

  • Feature 1: 2500 Invitations per Month
  • Feature 2: Cloud Based Solution
  • Feature 3: Emails Finder
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Why We Liked It:

Waalaxy is a tool for automate Linkedin Outreach, it can be use for Sales Navigator automation too, this tool can help users automate their LinkedIn outreach and lead generation processes.

This tool is designed to help people save time and effort while still achieving their LinkedIn marketing goals. also you can sign for 1 month free Dxboost exclusive link.

Waalaxy offers a range of features to help users maximize their outreach such as 200 invitations per month for Free plan and 2500 invitations per month for Business plan, it can automate connection request, automated messaging (if you already connected) and more,

In addition, Waalaxy can be integrated your own CRM,  this allowing the users to streamline their lead generation processes and provides analytics and reporting.


Free plan – This can send 200 invitations per month
Pro plan – 800 invitations per month
Advance plan – 2500 invitations per month
Business plan – 2500 invitations per month plus Emails finder feature

Who should use it:

Waalaxy is a tool suitable for Marketing Firm Agencies


  • Saves time by automate linkedin connection request, messages and etc.
  • You can import your target specific audiences from and Sales Navigator using Waalaxy Google Chrome Extension and save to your list.
  • Waalaxy has advanced automation features such as scheduled campaigns, follow-up messages and etc.
  • Easy to use Dashboard Interface
  • Dashboard has Analytics to Track results


  • LinkedIn doesn't approve automation. However, a lot of automation tools still exist. Waalaxy is safe for your account.
  • Well there have a Free subscription and Paid subscription may be costly for some users.
  • Requires monitoring and management to maintain the quality of interactions.

Happy Customers

4.9/5 on Google Chrome Store

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Waalaxy is awesome tool for the LinkedIn prospecting, we switched to it from LinkedIn Helper and have no regrets using it for almost a year. Thanks to the Waalaxy team. Their ability to find the prospects using emails increase the number of invites up to 100 per day which is incredible

Serge Lavrinchuck

Waalaxy made me love prospecting on LinkedIn for the following reasons:
1) I can set it and forget it! Once I take a few minutes to launch a campaign, I just need to wait and respond to the inbox replies that I get from prospects and continue the conversation from there...

Benjamin Dambman (Ben)

Waalaxy is a smooth experience. And useful. A software that helps you connect with professionals and expand your network. I follow their blogs too. Good informative conetent. Used responsibily, this software can multiply our networking powers many times over.

Creative Punito