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Contabo a Lowcost VPS Linux Hosting

Are you looking for cheap reliable VPS for your Web Application, Server Apps?

Contabo is a great choice for VPS can host web apps like VestaCP, OpenVPN, PBX and etc. It offers 8GB and NVMe Storage, fast and reliable VPS.

  • Fast and flexible Cloud Instances
  • VPS Start at $8.49/month with 8GB RAM
  • Multiple Locations Available Australia, USA, Asia and Europe
  • Available Fast NVMe storage
  • 14 Day money back guarantee
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Contabo VPS Review

Contabo is European base company located in Germany,  even located Germany there have data center across the continent USA, Australia and Asia.  Contabo provides lowcost VPS prices you can choose the Plans preferable to your projects. Contabo main Virtual Private Server (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) which is high price this is a Full separation of VPS, i didn’t try this because is expensive, Also there dedicated server and object server and etc.

I heard some negative feedbacks in Contabo, like support is slow, better to have pro knowledge of setting up servers to avoid contacting  support as possible.

Also i heard some positive feedbacks  is very good feedbacks there projects use Contabo for a years which is fine at all.

Not all VPS services are perfect, there have positive and negative feedbacks.

This is review, i going to focus on Contabo VPS which is i use for my personal projects, Pros and Cons, pricing and recommendations…

OS Installation in Contabo VPS

The cheap vps server linux is Contabo, you can choose a wide of variety of Linux Distribution, Ubuntu, Centos and Windows Server and Custom Images are available.

Contabo VPS Pricing

The cheapest best vps price is 8.49 USD per month, this comes along is 4 virtual cpu cores, with 8GB ram which fine for web application, personally i recommend 16GB for all server applications. The VPS is fast storage you can choose between to SSD or  NVMe storage, personally i choose NVMe  because is this the fasting storage than SSD, but SSD works fine of course, i have both SSD and  NVMe  on my servers which is very good service.

In Contabo VPS plans, Personally i recommend Cloud VPS M 13.99 USD/month, 16GB is enough for my projects, along with NVMe , my web application works great at all

All VPS Plans provide a Backup (Snapshot) if case what unexpected happened, you can restore it anytime.

Refund Policy

Contabo offers 14-day money-back guarantee, weather there you have some reasons, but i heard the additional fees such as taxes, shipping, or handling fees, will not be refunded, if your not comfortable in Contabo, better try 1 month plan for testing purpose only.


  • VPS are very Affordable prices
  • SSD and NVMe options
  • Customizable VPS hosting packages and dedicated IP Address
  • Linux, Windows and Custom ISO hosting
  • Strong server and Security


  • Website are No Live Chat
  • VPS Admin panel are Outdated User Interface
  • Complex Pricing Structure
  • Need User Verification (ID, billing address)