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Looking for a cloud-based productivity tools? that includes a variety of tools and applications for communication, collaboration, file sharing, and productivity. then Google WorkSpace is you!

  • Feature 1: Custom Domain Email eg: [email protected]
  • Feature 2: 30 GB storage per user (Starter)
  • Feature 3: Advanced Security Features
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Why do i Need Google Workspace

1. Collaboration: It allows teams to collaborate on projects and documents such as Google Drive (File Storage), Calendar, video conferencing (Google Meet) in real-time, It is making us easier to work together with the teams and get things done faster.

2. Communication:
Google Workspace provides a communication tools, Email (business email), chat (Google Hangouts), and video conferencing (Google meet), that make it easy to stay in touch with colleagues and your clients.

3. Cloud Storage:
Google Workspace provides cloud storage (Google Drive) for all your files, 30 GB storage per user (Business Starter), 2TB for Business Standard and etc. This making it easy to access your files from anywhere on any devices.

4. Productivity:
Google Workspace provides a Word Processing (Google Doc), Google Sheet, and presentation (Google Slide).

5. Security: It includes advanced security features to keep your data safe and secure, including two-factor authentication and etc.

How much Google Workspace Cost?

  • For Business Starter plan 5.40 USD per user
  • For Business Standard plan 10.80 USD per user
  • For Business Plus plan 18.00 USD per user

Who should use it:

Google Workspace is a tool suitable Business organizations to achieve more. Sign up for Free Trial Google Workspace


  • Best Office Tools
  • Works the same on major browsers (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Fine tuned collaboration, revision tracking feature
  • Friendly user management


  • For online apps only
  • Less powerful than comparable desktop apps.
  • Offline editing requires Google Chrome

Real Reviews

4.9/5 on G2

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It's straightforward to understand and use. Any novice user can understand all its addons like Google Sheets, Docs, Drive, and Gmail and start using them without hassle. As the interface is the same as Gmail, even for corporate email, switching from a personal email account to a professional one is simple. Review collected by and hosted on

Ankush S.

Everything you need is in one place. This is like the mecca of all office/business productivity tool. I like the fact that all apps are integrated. Especially, Forms, sheets and Drive.

Mikhael Carlos R.

If you are using google workspace as a team, multiple users of the organization can collaborate on the project seamlessly as every detail you enter, be it in docs, sheets, or slides, gets saved automatically, and anyone in the organization can collaborate easily.

Lalit A.