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Generate cold email copy and sequences for you email marketing campaign. Off course use your 20% of your brain to personalize the message and follow up sequences.

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Feel free to this tool “Cold Email Copy” for email marketing campaign, the email content is generated you must personalize fits of your offers.

In email marketing success you need to apply strategy to make it Open your email, Read and make the prospect Reply your email, i will share some of the best performing Email Subject Lines makes your email get open.

  • {{firstName}} – quick question
  • {{firstname}} – (your name)
  • Thought you’d like this {{first name}}
  • Quick question
  • Interview request
  • Question about {{companyName}}
  • Weird question {{firstName}}?
  • Thoughts?
  • Thoughts {{firstName}}?
  • Can you help {{firstName}}?
  • Love {{companyName}}!
  • Confidentiality: This {{email | message}} was intended …

Now in the Email template, Don’t make it long, if long the prospect not read it just make it Simple Short and Sweet, here’s our tip on first send email template.

Hi {{FirstName}},




Best Regards
John Doe @ dxboost[.]com

Email Sequences

Don’t Expect a replies on First Email Blast,  Mostly Replies will make on follow up, you can send 2nd follow up emails after 2-3 days if the the prospect didn’t reply, then 3rd follow up.

Check Remove Spam Words

To make high open rate your email campaign, i suggest remove the spam words and replace the good word, for the example the word “Free” is spam words, you can replace with “No Cost”.

This tool can  help to check spam words:


Spintax is important, I believe Spintax is available on your email maketing tool. Spintax will change the email content by sent by sent. here’s the example on email with spintax

Subject: {{RANDOM | quick question | question | quick q}}, {{firstName}}

Hi {{firstName}},

I’d love to {{RANDOM | learn | find out}} more about the way you {{RANDOM | handle | manage | deal with}} sales at {{companyName}}.

One of our client, CASE STUDY, manage to {{RANDOM | increase | boost | raise}} there sales by over 20%.

If they continue a this rate, they’ll soon close 2x more business than year

{{RANDOM | Can I give you a quick call anytime next week | Do you have any time this or next week for a quick chat? | Do you have any slots open for a quick chat in the coming days?}}

I’d gladly describe on a short call how you can get similar results for {{CompanyName}}.

{{RANDOM | Looking forward | Thanks | Kind regards}},
John Doe @ dxboost[.]com
P.S. If you do not wish to continue receiving emails, let me know

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